Punch Battles (a Shameless Roblox Slap Battles ripoff)

So I’m A Huge Slap Battles Fan Right? And I know how to Code. Put two and two together and BOOM! Slap Battles Clone!
To obtain Fists on The Top Row you need to punch people

To obtain Fists on the bottom Row you need Badges.

  • To get Bore you need to through 100 rocks
  • To get 500 you need 500 punches
  • To get 1000 you need 1000 punches
  • To get Tryhard You need 9999+ punches (For a 1-shot glove)

Let know If you want another Roblox Rip-Off Game!


wait i know how to code too let me change my rocks vaalue

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Wow this was actually raeally fun! Great game, one I would keep playing a lot- its rare I find a game like this that I can replay a bunch and still have fun. The physics are very entertaining :slight_smile:

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the physics was my favorite part to add. Thank You Issac Newton!


I literally found a found a bug in the rocks code (in the other version Bored was impossible to get)
I think I fixed it


I’m Done Updating the game so anybody can use it. But I did add two new Badge gloves.

  • Boing (Go To The Secret Arena)

  • And Control (Punch 20 people in a row without getting punched yourself)

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Make Adopt me with online multiplayer MWAHAHAHAHA

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Oh no. I might die trying to remake this.