Puzzle game: Baby Dragon

A little game I made about a tiny 8x8 dragon, portals, and some giant weird computer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
Baby Dragon

Avoid space, use portals to your advantage, and try to get into the finishing portal.

The controls will feel weird at first, but you get used to them:

  • Left and right arrows to adjust aim slowly
  • Up and down to adjust aim quickly
  • B button (x) to round angle to nearest right angle
  • And A (z) to launch

Tip: you are dumped out at the centre of the second portal, even if you enter the first one at the very corner, bear this in mind.


This game is SOO cool. I love the idea and the aesthetics. Also, welcome to the Makecode community


This game is awesome!!!

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Thanks so much!

Thank you! One small question: I managed to put it in the arcade show and tell category, but not to mark it as a game. How do you do that?

It is Marked as a game.
Puzzle game_ Baby Dragon - Arcade _ Show & Tell - Microsoft MakeCode - Google Chrome 8_3_2021 4_50_02 PM

I think the Makecode Team marks topics as games, music and extension.

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wow can you give me the art

If you click the

Edit Code

button on the project page, you should be able to edit your own copy of the project.
From there you could delete my code, and make your own game using the same assets.

Or, if you want to add some of the art to another project you could: use the select tool inside the assets that you want and Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V them over into your project, although this does take ages if you are using animations.