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PXT target for MakeCode Minecraft


I couldn’t find a PXT target for MakeCode for Minecraft. Is there a way for me to test my code without a local environment?

you mean like testing your game without minecraft? if you say yes to this question, the answer is no.

Thank you.

Testing just the way blocks appear and such. See: There is microbit, adafruit and Maker here. I was hoping Minecraft will also be a target here as it is available as a target in the MakeCode playground (

Are you saying testing out minecraft in the microbit hardware stuff?

pxt-minecraft is a private repo, which is why you can’t find it :smiley: what are you trying to test?

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Ah, that makes sense :). I’m building a programming curriculum for my students ( with custom blocks and I’d love to have access to pxt-minecraft.

ooo if you’re just adding custom blocks, could you create an extension?

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with extensions, but you can import Github repos as extensions for custom blocks!

Yes, I read through the extensions documentation and am building one. But it would be nice to have a local environment to get live feedback instead of having to push to github and then import. It would greatly improve developer experience if I have access to pxt-minecraft.

I’m also excited and curious about what else I can do with pxt-minecraft that is not limited to custom blocks.

Some context: Pre-covid, our students were “programming” using physical wooden blocks using a physical programming language and environment that we designed. I’m working on porting this over to Minecraft.