Question about Custom Resolutions

(Resolution Example uses the NES’ resolution of 256x224)

Recently I learned that it is possible to use custom resolutions in Makecode Arcade, through the use of the

namespace userconfig {
export const ARCADE_SCREEN_WIDTH = 320
export const ARCADE_SCREEN_HEIGHT = 240

code by @Kiwiphoenix364

And in the post I read this, it was said that this custom resolution would not work properly on hardware, however I have a few more in-depth questions about this custom resolution. Does this work on any kind of hardware at all? I know Kiwiphoenix already said that it won’t work properly on hardware, but what about the beefier ones such as the raspberry pi, would it work there, or is this something that would work exclusively for the simulator only?

And if it does work on specific hardware, would it cause any lag? And if it doesn’t work on hardware is it possible for something like this to be supported in a future update? I understand the small resolution is probably there so that newcomers don’t feel overwhelmed by a large screen size, but I feel the option would be nice so the screen isn’t as cramped, as I feel a larger screen would benefit multiplayer games a lot.

That’s all I have to ask, I’m just curious.


Nope, the custom resolutions are browser only. However, you can run on the raspberry pi if you use the kiosk website, since that just runs the game in the browser.

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I don’t really know, but my guess is that no software could run it. Makecode arcade was designed to run in the orginal format on the software it is put on, so you probably could only change resolution by changing a lot about the source code itself / making a new version of arcade (my opinion, idk if its true)

Is there any way that tile sets will officially support smaller tile sizes in the future? I know the code is there to support it but can only be accessed by javascript and then you lose the ability to use the asset editor. I love working with arcade but I always find myself getting frustrated by the big chonky tiles that only allow you to have about 7 visible on screen at a time.

@p3nguinc4g3 if you add the arcade-tile-util extension you can access 8x8 tiles:

Thanks! That’s very helpful. :slight_smile:

What about the Elecfreaks retro arcade?
they mentioned that the screen has a much higher resolution that the others, so would it be possible?

I’m thinking that it might still display the larger screen pixels the same size, so that the bigger resolution would just go off the side of the screen.
Also, higher resolution probably won’t work on hardware, but what about lower resolution?