Hi! So, about the ELECFREAKS Arcade


I’ve noticed (according to the official ELECFREAKS Page…) the actual resolution of the Arcade is 320x240 instead of the usual 160x120. I think the old version of MakeCode Arcade had a function related to this resolution things. I’m needing to actually give this cool function an use in the blocks editor or in software itself. And please confirm if it is real or fake.

Thank you for reading!

What do you think about the 320x240 thing?
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This is probably not possible without hacking the console itself, because it is built to automatically display the 160x120 pixels scaled up twice to fill the 320x240 screen.

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What do you mean by hacking? Hardmods or Softmods? Homebrew? Explain what you mean by hacking…

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You know you can change the resolution right?

probably just editing the console’s bootloader, although I’m not sure if it is the processor or the screen that does the upscaling. I do know, for a fact that using a smaller resolution works for the elecfreaks arcade(although it is pretty much useless).

How tho?

It’s pretty simple:

namespace userconfig  {
    export const ARCADE_SCREEN_WIDTH = 320
    export const ARCADE_SCREEN_HEIGHT = 240

However according to the MakeCode team it’s an experimental feature that might cause issues