Questions I have that could possibly help others

@richard I saw your video about a multiplayer demo and I was wondering if you could post the game on this topic to help me with my game. The problem I’ve run into is very simple, but bothers me. I want a way to select different sprites for 4 different players. I’ve fixed it one way, but the code is very messy and overcomplicated. Your help would be great for I’m sure many of my future games.

Hi, @SOCKMONSTER12 … try this! It might help.

Thank you @KIKIvsIT, but I can’t can’t access this link.

@KIKIvsIT when I try to access the game on microsoft none of the code is fully loaded, and none of the players are either.

The link I sent was to the blog that tells you how to do it. Here’s a pic from the article:

Actually I’ve found a way around it this helpful thank you for your time @KIKIvsIT

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Here’s the code I have right now for the selecting Characters program

@richard is it possible to make a color that is transparent, so a wall could have colors on it but the part of the wall not filled in is transparent? Could this be possible for raycasting🤨?