Quick! I need an extention

I need an extention for asking a question and offering two answers - A and B. I know this extention exist, but I just can’t find it anywhere on the forum. Can someone please help me?

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  1. In the game section there is a block to ask for a choice and you can select A or B and it will return true or false respectively.
  2. The story extension can display a menu.
  3. Blockmenu extension by Richard is much more flexible out of them all and I personally love it:

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Well, yeah, I’m already using richard’s menu extention, but i needed an extention that will give you a choice like this:

I made this a while back:


just paste that into the extension search bar.

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try https://gist.github.com/UnsignedArduino/3bc2adce4b3f687ea1967578449d014d

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That gist is old, use:

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Story extension - or use Game > <ask(" ")> block, > Logic > if (true) then…
and connect the two blocks!