Radio-like online multiplayer?

I was wondering if there’s a possiblity of incorporating a radio-like component into the online multiplayer feature. I know that having a separate camera for each player is a feature planned for the future (as confirmed on stream), but it would be easier if each player had their own instance / thread of the game, as it would reduce lag. Thoughts? :^



I’d LOVE that, and it would be good for learning manual syncing of gameplay, with probably support for may, not just 4, players, but at the expense of it being more difficult for beginners.


There is somthing similar. I forgot what the project was but it was a 1v1 halo game

1v1 Halo game??


It didn’t use any radio thingy in it. It’s just math calculations to keep both players in the screen. I got it from some smash bros remake on the forums.

I was thinking more like, a separate camera for each player, but thanks anyways

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In ‘Escape’ I just implemented a system that send messages to determine what U.I is on the screen. I’ll let everyone in on the latest version as an example:
yes, multiplayer game go brrr!