Raspberry Pi 4

Some one now about Raspberry Pi 4? Can you use RP4 with makecode arcade? Can you use controller over usb?

Yes to all of the above! :smiley:

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and it runs MakeCode Arcade just fine with a variety of browsers. It has recognized every USB gamepad that I’ve plugged into it with no issues, and they’ve worked well in MakeCode Arcade, too.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a really nice little device. I own almost all of the previous versions, as well. Even the Raspberry Pi 2 can run MakeCode Arcade in a browser, albeit rather slowly. MakeCode Arcade runs really nicely on a Pi 4.

You can use the following website to verify that your web browser recognizes your game controllers:

Gamepad Tester - Check Controllers and Joysticks Online (gamepad-tester.com)

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Thanks you

Hello again
You have a Arcade bootloader on Raspberry pi 4? Or are You using browser on Raspberry pi 4?

The MakeCode Arcade bootloader (mentioned in an article by Adafruit) is designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero. It might also work on the Raspberry Pi 3 A+.

I do not own a Pi Zero or an A+. (Net yet, anyway.) I’ve used MakeCode Arcade on a variety of browsers on my Raspberry Pi devices.

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ok thanks

Do you know if you can use non keyboard controls on retropie? I know you can use .elf files, but can you use arcade buttons and other stuff?

Yes, but you just wire it up and configure it - it should guide you along.

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This might work.

I know what mcairpos is, just asking for controller compatibility.

Ok, sorry, @Agent_14. The game.elf files support, directly and without McAirpos, at least EV_KEY(digital) input handles with key values from 0 to 1000 in its /sd/arcade.cfg file for SCAN_CODES=/dev/input/eventX.(source)

This can be for 2 players on either 1 keyboard or 1 controller, as far as I have managed to figure out.

But many controllers have gradual/analog directional controls(EV_ABS), which I haven’t figured out how to work in this file, though some findings from the bonnet suggest it might also be supported somehow.

With McAirpos EV_ABS and EV_KEY inputs are translated/mapped to EV_KEY in /sd/arcade.cfg, and up to 2 controllers of many different types should work out of the box(see list of supported controllers known so far).

If not mapped correctly out of the box, you can edit the ~/McAirpos/McAirpos/uinput-mapper/configs/arcade1&2.py according to your the input event handler codes defined for your controller(s).

These codes can be found by testing your controller with e.g. the app evtest or .../uinput-mapper/input-read -C - D /dev/input/eventX, where X is the input event number for your controller