Raycasting 3D render -- Blocks Edition

I don’t completely know about the entirety of this extension. With some work it’s gotta be possible, but you’ll have to ask @AqeeAqee about that.
But so far, you’ll probably just have to make the racetracks a single tile high.


Possibly but probably not like this. this extension just stretches a 2D tile-map up. if you could have multiple tile-maps on top of each other then maybe. There is also 3d floor and background by @MrFranko . It’s not exactly what you wanted but its something useful.

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Thanks for the reccomendation, and the welcome!
I’ve seen that project before, and I’ve been messing around with it, but if I make the racetrack to big, it gets REAL glitchy and starts doing some really weird stuff. Any idea on the limit for the tilemp size?

you could have it split into different tile maps and load them when needed.

How do I do that though-

good question.

ahh yes coming back alive again

I totally agree @marioeligi 's answer:

how did you create the floor in it? I can only get the background.

Also about cameras could it be possible to make the camera individual per player when you’re playing the host multiplayer online? So p1 would see its character and p2 would see its character and so on.

could you make it so the ASWD are for moving, but the up and down arrow keys are for looking up and down pls😭.

how did you add the range or the closer you got to the block it changed color?

Aqee Aqee do you think you make an extension like raycasting but with depth?

then how is there a floor to be on top of?

This extension is a great addition!:grin:Do you think you could add depth to it? For example,making itt so you can go up and down hills or buildings.

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That is not how Makecode works. WASD and the arrow keys work interchangeably.

I think he already said that it was possible.

This could work. If you can find the distance between the player and the specific tile, then it should be pretty easy to change the colour based on that. But I’ve been using Godot recently so I’m not sure if this is possible in Makecode.

With Makecode’s limitations, I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t even think buildings are possible because we can’t even stack tiles.

Cube, referring to the tiles above the floor.

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Thanks a lot :rofl:

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3D Raycasting with MakeCode Arcade: The Handbook.


thanks! do you think you could create an online camera extension, so when say player 2 is connected on an online game they see their sprite nobody else’s unless they’re close enough? If you can could you make it for 4 players pls🥺?

I going to test it! I love this kind of “pseudo 3d” games.