Raycasting 3D render -- Blocks Edition

there is a problem when it comes to rendering the floors cause when u make a void off distance the game would freak out and the screen would break

is it possible to make this game multiplayer, so instead of just myself sprite there are also myself2, myself3, and so on?:pleading_face::pray:


that is nearly impossible because make code arcade limits us on how many people could playe on one screen

then could it be possible for just four players then?

and when they join the game on “online Beta” each player has their own screen.

when you play recasting you would only have one camera unless somebody do split screen

Is there any updates going to come?

Another question: do you think it would be possible to make Paper Mario-style gameplay using this extension? I don’t need help with the floor and stuff like that, I just need help locking the camera in one angle and making sure you can move left and right.

Kinda like this:

no because you can’t go up or down.

Hi! I have a question about raycasting sprites.
I’m making a game and I want ceiling tiles, but I can’t figure out a way to change the depth/rotation of them.
Here is what it looks like now:

And this is what i want:

All I want to do is change the sprites so they either are rotated or have depth.

That’s not what I meant-
Paper Mario doesn’t move up or down, he JUMPS. The only way he can even move up is by jumping.

that looks sick but i cant help you, sorry

the backrooms

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do you mean while using raycasting?

I didn’t got your requirement either. The screen shot you provided is 2D, what do you want Raycasting do?

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What you want is just like paste sprites as ceiling/gourd, which is not supported yet.

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I’m sorry, that was a bad screenshot.
I meant something like this:
I know those hills are more than one tile tall, but I just want to make it so that you can move around and jump on the hills in that kind of view.

Is this what you meant?


Yes, that IS what I meant! Thanks so much! :smile:
Now I just need to add some hills, a new character, enemies, and some other animations…
Do I have permission to use this for a game?

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Thank You!

Sure! all I really did was lock the camera. The code for the floor was done by @MrFranko