Read little sound with microbit

hi friends i want to know if there´s a solution to read a little mp3 file with microbit
best regards


In order to do this you will need some extra hardware …

I use this device from DFRobot …

Extension for makecode for MicroBit…

Hope this helps

really you are excellent
thx a lot
but i think that this module will be attached to my robot is not good and is difficult to attach it because i will command my robot by my smatphone
i think that is useful if i use just with microbit so to listen to a file sound if i click for example on the button a microbit will order dfplayer to play a song
that´s it
yours trully


It should not be too difficult to figure out a way to connect the MP3 player to your robot & control nit via phone .

If you’d like to investigate this further , perhaps you’d be so kind as to provide some details on what robot you are using as well as the app you are using to control it .

From this we should be able to figure out a way to connect it all together.