Made kind of a rouge-like. Cycle through five different maps, get random weapons, and make it to the end. Will update at somepoint.

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Added 5 new maps, a fancy new weapon, a title, and side quests. Enjoy :smile:

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Death, Snails, and Capitalism Update!
Added: 6 new maps, a new side quest, an end game, music, a points system, a hub world, and Capitalism!

Nice :slight_smile: One thing I noticed, for the button combos you should only specify the first letter (that is upupupuuu); here’s where I check for valid buttons and ignore any other ones - it happens to work as none of the words (left / right / up / down / a / b) contain the first letters from the other ones, but I wouldn’t rely on the current behavior for other letters – in the future the checks there might be expanded to allow for multiple controllers / other inputs / etc so it’d be best to keep it just to the letters necessary to spell out the buttons.

You could also use this block in a text join to form your inputs:


Thank you! I’ll put that to work the next time I use a combo.