[Resource] Microbit Instructions for Beginners

I just ran a Micro:Bit workshop for the summer school with my students.
Most of my students didn’t have any previous experience of Micro:Bit. So I made bunch of instructions for them.
This instructions include the intro of Micro:Bit and eight mini-projects.
Each project introduces one function of Micro:Bit. It starts from the easiest one to the hardest one. For the last two projects, we turned Micro:Bit into GameBoy and introduced a bit about game functions.

Since I can’t upload all instructions here, I’ve inserted a link of my post on my own website.
[Project & Resource] Micro:Bit 101
Also, I’ve attached one instruction here for preview.
Please feel free to share with anyone who might need them - happy to share more with you guys!


It looks pretty cool how you could use the microbits to teach them on different stuff

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@cora.yang would love to hear your feedback on https://Makecode.com/streamer#editor:microbit

Also are you a robotics teacher or science teacher?

I’m a tech coach as well as a design teacher. Sometimes it depends on teachers’ requirements, if they want to do something, we can integrate micro:bit to other curriculum, like math, science as well as PE.


Are you high school or middle school or elementary

It sounds really fun about what you teach

lol thanks! I used to teach through K-12 but now I’m based in secondary. Are you a teacher?

No I just like coding a lot and engineering. This website and everything about this is amazing of what robots and new languages of robots and what we can do to program

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