Same sprite effect accumulates and pause in start vs on game update

I just knocked together a simple application to reveal some text using a sprite. I threw some effects on it and accidentally discovered the effects accumulate even when the same effect is applied multiple times to a sprite. See Text Reveal for an example of this, when the the logo moves from bottom left to its resting position multiple warm radial effects are added to the sprite. It looks good but I’d like to know if this behaviour is intentional and will be preserved in future versions of MakeCode Arcade?

I’m also a bit surprised by the effect of the pause in the on start block. The spirte smoothly moves left from its start position during that pause but the on game update event is not firing - this can be seen by the way that top left part of the “image mask” isn’t cleared by the sprite.

This is 0.14.9 / 5.21.14. Same behaviour in the current beta beta, 0.14.32 / 5.28.15.

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Great project!