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Sample sensor data using micro:bit and iPad

Hi! I am giving teacher courses in programing using micro:bit. After the basics, we log sensor data using “write serial” and then export to csv-file for further inspection. However, this only works when using pc and USB cable. On iPad I do get data from the micro:bit through the monitoring and controle menue, but am unable to get a timeseries without copying the numbers by hand.

Is there a solution for data collection and exporting to a file, that does not involve bying a data logging app for the iPad?

I use blocks for the courses, but I might be able to adapt a Python or Java script code.

Best AnneB

Hi…these maybe aren’t quite the type of solution you’re looking for, but a few ideas (that aren’t iPad apps):

  • Makecode does have a graph, but it only includes a short amount of time.
  • I made a video showing how to wirelessly stream data to a PC / Makecode (and shows the graphing thing mentioned above) here: .
  • Here’s a PC-based alternative to Makecode for graphing that was created for me by some college students: (It also runs in a browser. It may not work that well…Another group is making a second attempt at this and I may have an update in the next few months)

Thank you for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

Both these are for when the micro:bit is connected to a pc by an USB cable. I’m looking for how to export data when the micro:bit is communicating with an iPad. For some reasons some municipalities insist on using iPads for students and teachers.

I understand…I wasn’t sure if the goal was wireless (the first item would help) or the ability the graph (the second two).

The only graphing I’ve used from an iOS device requires buying an app: Itty Bitty Software’s Bitty Data Logger ($2.99: