Save settings for everyone?

@richard, was it you who made the settings extension? Correct me if I’m wrong. Is there a way to save settings from one user to the game?

For example, let’s say Bob plays my game and gets a high score of 53.

I want to display that in the game so that if Jim plays it later, he can see Bob’s score.

Can I? If so, how?

I made the settings blocks but @mmoskal did the actual implementation.

That being said, yes this is possible provided they are using the same computer/device (e.g. local leaderboards). Here’s some example code that does a basic local leaderboard:

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Can it be done without using the same device?

If not, I can just post a github game link and manually update the game with new scores posted on the forums.

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No, we have no support for online leaderboards

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