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SaveGame Update, using this cool extension I found!

A while ago I made a game to try out the settings extension, called SaveGame. You collect coins in it. Well, recently I discovered an extension called Acheivements while scrolling through posts on the forum. (it also came with two other extensions called sprite utils and notifications, so it’s probably some sort of a combination of the two) So I added acheivements to the game! The acheivements are to use the dash, have a second player join, and finally collect 100 coins. I know they are pretty simple, but it was mostly just to try out the extension.

This is the game:

Also, does anyone know where to find the sprite utils extension by itself? I want to try it and see what it can do. (if it can be used by itself)

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Moar extensions can be found here:

Sprite util:



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