Useful Arcade extensions

Hello all,

I have made a Gist that links to a lot of useful extensions that I use frequently, so I didn’t have to scour the Forums trying to find the Github links that I use a lot. If I’ve missed any, (and I surely did) please tell me! Don’t forget to star the Gist so you won’t lose track of it! (Or you could just bookmark it) As more extensions keep popping up, I’ll add to this.




Thanks so much for this. I might add other extensions

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Thank you for this! :slight_smile:

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Im on a ipad and i am blocked from github so is there a way i can download the code somewhere else

Unfortunately, no. GitHub is used to store millions of projects, and I still can’t understand why someone would block GitHub.

Ya i think its dumb to but i can’t change my dads mind so it is what it is

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Hey i havent been on here in a while but i am now and my dad unlocked my git hub

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Nice! Also, I shoulda posted this a long time ago, but I switched to a GitHub repo:

Is there a path finding extention cause thats what i need

There is. It is the a* tilemap extension found there.

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Yup, if you look in the list Joey wrote an extension for the A* pathfinding algorithm which will avoid walls, although it can get really laggy. (It’s a good extension, but it does take a while to compute)

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I tried to use this but there isn’t a way for the enemy to follow a path to get to the player and i am having a hard time getting the enemy to move around and not run into walls the other thing that i need for my game is a sensor for the enemy so thatt when the player is in this sensor then the enemy will follow the player and the only time that the enemy stops following the player is after the player has been out of the sensor for 3 seconds this can makee my game better. Something else im having trouble with is the damage i can make it where the enemy takes one life and then when i tried the forever block with it, it just took all the lifes if you want to look at the code then i can send it so that we can edit the code and figure out where the errors are.

Im asking this because my dad blocked my github again

Thanks for all the help i got everything working and now i have a game i would like you guys to try😁

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So how was it im still working on it im going to add animations to the characters and make the characters look a little better im also going to add more levels to.

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Huge thx to the guy who made this, it really helped out!

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is there a way to find the mouses x and y value and use it?


(if you are talking about the mouse extension which allows hardware devices to pretend to be a mouse, then no as well)

ok thanks anyway