Scene menu has disappeared!

Is it just my game, or did the Scene menu disappear?

Panic attack! I closed all instances of Microsoft Edge and reopened the game and the menu was back. Phew.

Next time that happens, if you open the dev console (ctrl+shift+i on windows) there should be an error message in the console tab. If you could copy/paste that into a Github issue we would really appreciate it!

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Thanks, I will do that if it happens again. Speaking of the browser console, I can see a lot of information while debugging. I see what looks like the global variables in the game. Can I find information about the sprites on the screen, or does that open up another can of worms? :thinking:

Isn’t crtl+shift+i=inspect?

Yea, but you can access the console from there.

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Crap! the same thing happened to me!