Screen going black


I have a student whose game goes to a black screen after the opening text. Can anyone help us figure out why?

Thank you.

I think bc he put everything in the b button i think it should be on the start

It looks like they added the pxt-raycasting extension but didn’t use it – I’m not certain why that’s misbehaving here but removing it seems to fix it. @AqeeAqee any idea why it is upset / not loading? Seems like something might need to get pulled over to an init function that runs whenever the first 3d raycasting block is used if possible

Here is the link working again (minus the raycasting extension):

Thanks- how do you remove an extension?

If you switch over into JavaScript (or Python) mode, under the simulator there is a drop-down menu called “Explore” which contains all the game files and you can delete the extensions by clicking on the bin icons by them. Just be careful not to delete important things :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi @MissM_Aus

To remove a extension, switch to TypeScript editor, scoll down the file list at left, click the trash bin icon next to the extension name.

Hi @jwunderl
Raycast ext. assume a tilemap has been created, so it draw a blck screen if not.
Good suggestion, I will add some pulling over logic in next release.