Screensaver for RasspberryPi Arcade

Customed .menu, load random Screen Saver in 30s.

Screen Saver 1: FlyingLines

Screen Saver 2: Blizzard

As can’t upload .elf file in post, so follow below steps pls.

Get .elf files

  • Open each link above, click “Edit Code”
  • Ignore any error, or choose hardware RPi 0
  • Then click HOME, project will be saved in your local.
  • In, open these project and “Download”, you will get .elf files.
  • NOTE! Name may be chanded automatically when saving, make sure they begin with “.menu”, “.ScreenSaver”
  • Copy them into your sd\prj\ in sd card of RPi. (replace old .menu file)
  • Reset RPi, after menu loaded, screen saver will show up in 30 seconds.

Have fun !
Leave your comment pls, I will make more screen saver if you like it!


[Update] Here are convenient URL for get .elf files.

(typo fixed)


  • Just open each link and click “Download”
  • Save as “ .menu ” or ". ScreenSaver[*]
  • Then copy them into “ sd/prj/ ” of RPi

URLs wrappered at:

How to Make ScreenSaver of Yourself



  • Add “Press any key back to Menu” feature, by adding block/code below (gray part need inputed in Javascript mode)

Have fun!

(My RPi0 is v1.1 (not v1.3), can’t connect PC as MSD, so I’m not sure whether Download directly as .UF2 can work. Let me know pls, if you tried.)

Hey! I’m going to check this out.

What is up with the numbers in the upper right and along side all the games?

That’s played counts, and total played count number.