Serial Comms not woking on any microbit

Hi can anyone help me with?
why serial Comms not working in microbit makecode Im using webUSB with chorme and it does not read and witre to PC Makecode/FUZE BASIC, Ardunio (IDE), or Pi FUZE BASIC I tried USB and Pin and nothing seems to work.
Does anyone know what im doing wrong, I naver got it to work.


First, is it programming OK with MakeCode or the online Python editor? If you’re not using a cable that you’ve used for programming, you may want to change cables. Many USB cables are “Charging cables” that provide power and not data. (If you’re using a cable that came with the micro:bit this shouldn’t be a problem…but it’s pretty common to try using a charging cable for a cell phone or bluetooth speaker, which usually lack the data lines)

If it’s not the cable, what version of the MicroBit are you using? You can check via

Version v2.2 has a new interface chip (details here) Some WebUSB utilities may not recognize it properly. (The one I developed,, doesn’t yet. It’s in use by a few other projects, so they may not work with v2.2 yet. I’m working on an update/fix.)