Serial port

What are the options for using serial ports with Arcade?

For now, go to pxt.json, edit as text and add "serial": "*" in the list of dependencies.

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Note that codal’s serial is meant for slow speeds. If you try to run it above 115k (or maybe even at) you may loose some characters. I started working on an alternative high-speed DMA-based interface a while ago, but didn’t get very far - James didn’t like my hack and I didn’t have time to do it properly. See (this is for SAMD but the same principle would apply on STM)

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Nice. I was actually curious about this as I would like to use a Wifi module on the edge connector of the meowbit.

I looked at the code and was wondering about SerialDevice internalCreateSerialDevice(DigitalInOutPin tx, DigitalInOutPin rx, int id) { . Does the id indicate it is possible to have more than one serial connection defined?

Hi! Do we have some documentation or example(s) for serial usage?
@gbraad, I also want to connect Meowbit to WiFi module. If you already did it, can you share your code? I short with time. Thanks.

Serial is currently not implemented on stm32. Hopefully I can take a look at it in the next few weeks.

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Never got around this; focus has been on other stuff due to the situation in China.

Can I just remove 15 in arcade.cfg to use the GPIO15 pin for UART0_RXD, like BTN_DOWN4= ?

Answer to myself: yes

Any update on this?
I want to connect KOI AI camera to the meowbit

Unfortunately it never happened. PRs are welcome though!