Servo does not spin

I’ve created the following code so that my servo spins:

But it does not work. This is how I’ve connected the servo:
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Your picture link does not seem to work.

I have the same problem but I think it’s because of the servo.
The reason I say that is because I purchased 2 servo brand, they both have the same technical spec (i.e 4.8-6v) but one works the other don’t. Also, if I attach the “non-working” one to Arduino 5V output, it works without any issue so it definitely has to do with the operating voltage.

The one that works is FEETEC. You can find this brand everywhere on Aliexpress if you enter FEETEC servo.
The one that didn’t work for me is something called “CFsunbird” but this is not to pinpoint a certain brand because I have read many other people have issues with some other brands too".

Also, if you check out Kritonik website, they are selling FEETEC brand too and they specifically mentioned for some reason this brand works with Microbit despite the fact that it’s technical spec is 4.8-6V which is outside of Microbit’s maximum output voltage (here’s the link:

Check out the note from the above page:

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