ShootingAlec1 Re-Make by AKO_ICE Sorry for the inconvenience on the other one guys. This is the real one. You guys should try it. Shoot goons and a mastermind. The goons reduce your life by one and increase your score by 1. The mastermind reduces your life by 5, increases your points by 5, and increases your lives by 2.

P.S. I am the one with the High Score (95). Try and beat it.

P.P.S. The mastermind comes from the middle lane. When you start the game, press the down button, and move away from there as fast as you can. Then press SpaceBar to shoot the mastermind.

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Boom beat this @AKO_ICE

Do I really need to talk?

@Dreadmask197, You can always try, but you’ll never beat the creator.

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Say whatever you like