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Slack Meaning?

Hello out there. Does anyone know what this message means ? I applied for Slack Microbit or MakeCode and I got this message by email. It looks like a promise to include me. I can find nothing on what I think is the slack web page about me; no messages nor anything that pertains to my interests. But it does say that I’m signed in. I don’t understand the slang terms mentioned on web pages like ‘tickets’ and such. He doesn’t say to whom he sent the ‘invite’ , invitation to something ? I can get to the web page that has me logged in so I do not understand what link he might send me. Thanks:

Hey Frank

I have just sent a Slack invite, you should get the link via email soon.

You’re auto-added to #general and #random chat, but many of the team and associated developers and third parties hang out here, so check out the various channels for different topics

At micro:bit HQ we aim to always have some of us from the team active on the Slack channel at most times to join in, help out, and generally all be part of the same exciting community!

Thanks for joining our community,

Bisi Safo-Antwi

Technical Support Engineer


I’m not sure what that means, but it looks like you had an existing Slack/Micro:bit Developer account about a week ago. I believe the URL for the Slack is: You might try the “Get help signing in” link to recover your account/password.

As for the “#general” and “#random” things: Slack is divided into channels, which are usually for specific topics. Most people on a Slack will be in #general, which is usually used for general interest announcements. The Micro:bit developer slack has channels for specific interests, like using MakeCode (#makecode), making MakeCode Extensions (#makecode-extensions), Teachers (#teachers), members from specific countries (like #usa), etc.