Slope help

does anyone have a slope extension because if so i would need and love that SO SO much i made some really great slopes (wich had some few bugs but other than that looked quite good ) but i think i accidentally deleted a bit of code and now it just messes up and doesnt work as good as it did wich is a shame so does anyone have a simple non ginormous code or makes it glitch or fall through the walls slope extension or example ?
not to be mean to anyone that has previously made slope examples im just not really good with all the code and that and just like to keep it simple it so im sorry


I will try to start work again on my 1x1 tilemaps extension to make slopes, and hopefully make it into a sonic demo for this topic.

I don’t know how to make extensions but I would LOVE a slope extension for tilemaps too.

thankyou btw even not as a slope extension your mini tilemap extension was amzing and made isometric tilemaps and so much more things possible so thanks

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