Smash Bros But with Microsoft Makecode characters

Please choose a Option if you wanna work on it.

  • Characters
  • Stages
  • Music
  • Movesets
  • Menu

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I’m making a smash game about all my favorite characters I’ve worked with in games! Come to the post “Countdown to the Game Announcement from SFM!” to see my game!

May please ask who voted?

I will do music

if i have time

Ok. So who are we gonna have in the game. Remember we need popular makecode characters. Also we need to have a main menu, character menu and stage menu!

I voted menu, but no promises…

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lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Im actually good at making GUI because that’s my main purpose in my team

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oh ok!!!

i already got an idea for 4 of the characters. they are from makecode slam. the characters are: strawbob, cap. cat, glitch and rocks. the next few characters i would like to add are one of @SmashFangameMaker pokemon. Dink From FABLE OF ZELBA and lastly The main character of the phoenix quest.

You have a TEEM I your games are gona be a load better than my games since you have so many people working on it

I have no interest in making a smash game, would like to make a street fighter game though

Oh ok. but is it cool if we still use both characters in the game. if you don’t wanna do it it’s cool. if you do let us use we will credit.

Sure, do you want me to make the post?

yep Lucas

sadly im the only one in the forums that’s in my team

How about just us Users we caan just ask users to do the art of there special move and and running animation based on there profile photo?

@greenturtle537 Have you worked on the Menu. we should really have a menu to start it off.

the games i submit here are my own games not my team games