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Smash buddies


This really simple game is nice! (I’m guessing you based it off of super smash bros?)

BTW, I’m laughing because I just looked at the .gif and realized it looked like a sad face.

Yeah, it’s a ode to a smash! And yes, we made it a frownie…

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I really like how when you fall off the edge, you fall back down into the map!

I think you should make the map a little taller and wider though. Would give a little more room for me to run away from my friend and fall off the edge. :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to figure out how to “zoom” out on a tilemap. We tried to keep it as short as possible. Definitely a lot of room to improve here.

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I watched the videos and LOVED IT. I would subscribe or like if I could but sadly I couldnt. Here is my one. Wish I could make a 3d looking version with Mario and Kirby.

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I found a new way to shoot left and right with this

I love your videos @peli

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Sounds great… i’ll see if we can figure out what you changed in the game with Emile.

Did you find out?

We haven’t streamed yet :slight_smile:

Just a curiosity. When do you stream on twitch

Well i am working on a project that is based of of smash but I’m still working on it