Smash bros

I’m making a game that is based of of smash bros i haven’t done anything that involves gravity so this is what i have done so far

I would make all the different charter have different sprites so that I could make it if Link_Player1 overlaps with Player 2 -life Player 2 also make forever around it.
Idk I’m new to make code, always has potential good luck

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Also I would make it like, if Player 1/2 press left/right make it face that direction

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Also Also
Gravity is like this I think
Move Player with buttons vx 100 yx 0
Set Player ay to around 300 (depends on what u want)
On space button pressed
Set Player yx to around -150 or whatever u want

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great sprites, but the camera cant follow the sprites. try adding a “camera follow my sprite” block to the game.

What happens to the other player’s camera though?

I have a camera trick that applies to multiple sprites on another game I made.
I have a glitch

This is what I have for Kirby I’m working on Mario now

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i think you forgot kirbys hammer move

also if you spam b on the left wall you can go beyond the height limit.

I didn’t forget it its just really hard to make that sprite

I need help with how I’m going to make the enemy to take damage is there a way i can make it to where the enemy will take damage to a color when touched

Also what about key bind moves?

What’s a key bind

I made the hammer move i think its good

I added the affect to up b

A key bind is a combo. Like down + b etc.

you are really good!

Ya i have those inn the game already here’s the newest version by the way

Thanks I love coding so this is easy for me