SNES mode 7 transformations

I’ve recently made a little demo/test of the SNES’ background mode 7, wich can perform affine transformations to an image

To understand how this works, I recommend watching this video by Retro Game Mechanics Explained about mode 7


can you make a game out of that?
I’ve kind of wanted to make a racing game but I don’t no where to start.

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nice thing

Maybe you can help us on MakeCode Kart

You could use it to rotate the background with the racetrack as the car turns, or rotate the car sprite itself. It can also do scaling, flipping and shearing.

I got it!

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trippy lol

I just did this (the manipulations) using the b button and I scrolled from top to bottom and recorded this cool effect!

gif of epic effect

It doesn’t look as cool in gif form but it’s really cool!