Title screen art

hey i know there are some great artist out there , so can you make an art for a mario game in arcade using the “set background” block ? , just asking , i will credit you if you do , ok thanks !

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How do you want it?
I could try

Maybe like an intro to my game (super mario arcade) with an animation

Challenge exepted


Hope its good


where did you get that text sprite extention i never seen it

umm… You could get banned for cursing

Wow! Can you @GameGod make one for my game?! Or better yet…Can you create a tutorial so we can all learn to make it?! :slight_smile: :smiley:

I love what you’ve done!

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By the way, The sprite text you can use is in the extensions part. you can click on it and then you are good. It should say text sprites

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Sure what is your game?

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I used this to make the art -


I’m not sure final title yet but probably along the lines of:

STA Ecobeasts

Trash Cleanup!

With a picture of the EcoBeast and school logo flashing or ecobeast surrounded by trash…surprise me!

Screen Shot 2563-10-27 at 22.22.04

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Will this work?


That’s incredible! Thanks @GameGod - Is it ok if I edit it? I want to try different colour scheme and maybe try some animation, I like how you added some animation to the Mario intro screen. Please let me know if I can make edits to it.

Also, how did you use the sprite converter? I tried and the image turned out purple instead of the original colours? Thanks for sharing a great resource!


Sure, it’s now yours! You don’t have to give credit! I support your trash cleanup message!


Great thanks! Im going to try to add some elements of animation to it based on your other example!

How can I copy the code over to my game? Or just write the blocks again?

Copy the back ground in java or use back that game

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he doesent need to ,
click the block it will show you the background , with the select tool select the background , press ctrl + c , and now you officially copied the background , thats how i did it