[SOLVED]Couple Block Bugs?


I’m not sure if these are bugs or if the way I’m using the code blocks is not right.

[UPDATE: Fixed via adding an after block from comment below]

  1. I cannot restart the countdown timer within the “on countdown end” block.

[UPDATE: fixed by changing the variable “day” to “myDay” since I guess this was due to the built-in/default JS variable of the same name]
2. As a result of the above blocks, it also looks like the “change variable by X” block is not working as expected? When I call the splash with the day variable passed in it, the program doesn’t run. I get the “oops, please check your code for errors” message, and when I look in the JS it looks like this:

You cannot reschedule the countdown timer right after it ends. You must wait a bit.

I will try to find a particular extension that helps with this…

EDIT: You must use a after x do block in the awesome timers extension by Daryl. Original forum post link here

Here is the Github link:


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Thanks for the quick response! :smiley: That works.
I also commented that I was inadvertently trying to write to a pre-existing default JS “day” variable.
This thread can be closed.

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re: starting a new countdown in an on countdown end, that’s a bug that’s been fixed in the next release (/ is fixed in beta), but yes, for now you have to run it separately.