Speaker + raspberry pi 3A+

Is there any workaround for the sound (USB/ALSA)? I’m making an arcade machine, and wanted to use an usb encoder to attach the buttons and joystick, but the 3A+ has only one usb port, and I want it to be as cheap as possible, and would rather not have to buy an usb hub as well. Could one solder the speaker in any way, or use the GPIO:s and still get ALSA sound?

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Hi again @sofiania,

I am happy that your Zero Delay Encoder USB Arcade controller worked at last, and I hope everything worked as intended during your workshop etc.

However, I was wondering how you ultimately solved the sounc issues with only one USB port on the RPi 3A+? Did you get sound to work via GPIO with something like this?:

For others reading this topic, and if a USB hub worked somehow, @Dace reports a working solution for USB sound here: