Cardboard Arcade controller

So I’m working on this project. I have built the arcade controller out of a box and have purchased buttons and joysticks + a raspberry pi zero.

I have never soldered before so the whole wiring and soldering feels like a big challenge…

I’ve ordered a zero delay usb encoder but I’m not sure if this will work? It’s supposed to allow me to simply plug in the buttons etc without soldering and then that plugs in to the raspberry pi but not sure I can do it like this?

Any thoughts? If not then I might just have to have a go with soldering… any tips?

I’m following the tutorial available online.

I think the answer is no to using the usb encoder…I successfully loaded the arcade.cardboard file to my sd card and loaded it on the raspberry pi zero connected to my TV and it loads the MakeCode arcade screen to select the buttons but it says something like check the pins connected to the buttons…which I suppose will not work if I have a usb encoder connected to the pi zero via usb?

Any ideas?

I know I can solder…just scared Ill break something!