Zero delay usb encoder?

Is it possible to wire the buttons through a zero delay usb encoder with makecode arcade + a raspberry pie, like you can with RetroPie?

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Edit: Got the Makecode games to show up in RetroPie with Vegz78:s tutorial and McAirpos (, but the games won’t start, so I guess it’s because I haven’t yet installed any speakers/sound.

Hi @sofiania,

Sorry I did not notice this issue, since you did not ping me with @, like @Vegz78:wink:

Great that you opened an issue at the McAirpos GitHub repo about the write permission need for the makecode games folder, so that your MakeCode Arcade games do not crash in RetroPie on RPi anymore:

For your SJ@JX Arcade controller trouble, I have reopened @Dace’s issue, where he solved this for the same controller not long ago:

Maybe, since @Dace now is the world’s leading expertise on this particular subject, and with proven success, that he could give you some further support directly if you are still stuck after reading his write-up? :wink:

Any further luck with the SJ@JX Arcade controllers, @sofiania and/or @Dace ?

Maybe :slight_smile: , but I ran into another problem that I need to solve first … the makecode games become destorted on the screen I want to use (a Pi-top Ceed). The makecode game screen worked on my pi-top 1 which is like, the same product almost. On the pi- top ceed, the retropie roms work, but the makecode games look like this.

Does anyone have a clue to why? Is the resolution somehow hard coded in makecode?

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All I know is that MakeCode Arcade advertises with “…160x120 screen showing 16 colors…” and that the games write graphics directly to the framebuffer.

How this relates to the different screen resolution settings is beyond my knowledge, but the games have run fine on many different HDMI outputs at home, like 1920x1080, 1680x1050 etc.

Perhaps it’s better to post the screen issue in a new thread with a screen related subject under the “Help” section, and maybe ping @MakeCode or one of the developers/moderators?

Finally reporting to be working with the Zero Delay USB Encoder:

Thanks for all the effort, @sofiania!