Presenting my first game after my 280-day hiatus from making Makecode projects!

2 days ago. I previously looked at some pong projects and thought to myself, “What if I made a fancy pong game? I mean, I can already play table tennis really well so the logic should come pretty easily.” So I got onto Makecode Arcade and started development.

In general, I wanted to make a fancy table tennis game on Makecode. However, I got stuck a lot during development. I also took a lot of breaks playing Zelda BOTW, Minecraft Dungeons, and Metroid Dread. But, eventually, I settled for a classic Pong-style game with some added twists!

Press A when you see “!!” to do a Topspin Shot.
Press B when you see “!!” or “!” to do to a Sidespin Backspin Shot.
Simply touch the ball to make it move regularly.
Make sure the ball hits the black line at the end of the table otherwise your shot won’t count!

I used @Sarge’s 360˚ aiming system at one point while deciding the game’s shooting mechanic, but scrapped it for the current “Pong-style” system. Just wanted to say.

Also Mods, please delete the other post titled, “SpinPong!”. I wanted to add something to this post but I couldn’t delete the other one when it was pending. @MakeCode or @richard or @jwunderl do something please.




It’s a really nice game… I just have no one to play it with :smiling_face_with_tear:


awww! I wish I can join you in a game!

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plays a small violin

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Doesn’t Makecode have multiplayer now?

We do! It will be more obvious in our next release, but we have a handy multiplayer extension you can start using now:


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mhmmm my mind: (online multiplayer)

Yeah, but I mean like finding a time to play together would be like too complicated to set up. Also not sure if it’s allowed.

Yeah… since I live in Asia it would be really hard to play together because of time zone…

i dont rlly think time zones are much of an issue I think the moderator approval things are more of an issue for those who aren’t in the same time zone as the moderators

When I play this game, after a bit of playing, the game starts spawning more than one ball. Is that supposed to happen?

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Nah it was a bug I found while playing, but wasn’t bothered to fix.

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