Spooky Scary PaintBrush demo

                                  **Hello everyone**

Finally it’s my turn now.
I finally can release demo I created.
Unfortunately I can’t make it perfect cause of hardware limits (My target was Adafruit Pygamer) so it can be slow sometimes (boss fight).
Also this demo is too short because of the same reason. Game has a lot of unique graphics, not same tiles, so I just can’t put them all to 800 kb memory.
So now it’s only Menu and level 1.
Also with start cutscene which you can skip by pressing A.

And because of less memory game lost:

  • cutscenes before and after level 1.
  • some spells you can run into with in level 1 (buffs/debuffs)
  • chasing enemy
  • a big part of level 2
  • potential future stuff

Of course I might not care about hardware and make full game only for MakeCode page playable, but it wasn’t my goal.

I spent a lot of time to trying optimize it (and I saved 9-11 fps, switched between a lot of features and realizations). So I did eveything I could.
Thanks a lot to @UnsignedArduino for answering my questions and some extensions.
If any of you have some advices how to make this game more quick, feel free to propose.

The main idia is once at heloween all clerical stuff (like pens etc.) become to be alive. And our hero (The PaitBrush trying to save all images was drawen by Painter (they all lost they colors and outline left only). This is a first part, realized i level 1, after that story getting more complicated. But who cares if we don’t have this playable game part :smiley:
In main menu every interactable item is hightlight with A/B buttons icon If you are anough close to interact with it).
For every picture in level 1 (it starts at northest bench in menu) you need to stay over ink sprite and hold b to get some ink. After it you need to paint over outlined images
To beat level 1 boss you need to keep trying paint over him (when he doesn’t moving) by your ink before time will ends. You don’t need to refill your ink, they are unlimited. You’ll see your progress by changed boss’s life in bottom lifebar.

So, here we go:


Wow that boss was really hard to beat.

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This game is hard, but really good!

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