Sprite-data extension

The arcade-sprite-data extension (https://github.com/microsoft/arcade-sprite-data) adds blocks to store/read numbers and strings in sprites. Read the manual

To use it,


bruh, I just complained about this. goes to rewrite post

@Blobiy not sure i get your comment.

@peli he’s remarking on how quickly you added this extension :smile:

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Updated repo to point to Microsoft version…

This is terrific!

I’ve also added the ability to store a sprite reference. We needed that to track the “shadow” sprite in the skeet game.

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Hello there, sorry to bother you, but is it possible to view the sprite data in the debug console thingamabob?

You should be able to drill into the “data” field of a sprite; are you looking for a block that does console.log(sprite.data) ?

No, I don’t need the console.log command, I just want it to appear in the debugger, like how you can open a sprite and see it’s x, y, vx, vy, etc. I want to see the sprite data with the x, y…,

It would make life a bit easier…

Sounds like a bug to raise at https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade

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Done :slight_smile: (I hope it’s sufficient!)

I have found this extension very useful. I am revising several programs to use it. In my use, I have wanted a slightly different user interface, which is shown below. Changes include “mySprite” instead oh “item,” an image specification that allows any kind of image, and a couple of corrections in the comments. The changed code is on GitHub at https://github.com/WeCodeMakeCode/sprite-data-revised

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Oh nice… I’ll look into porting those into sprite-data!