Sprites are rising

Press A to spawn a fish. For some reason, they rise. Why is this?


Lag glitch. This glitch only usually happens when you have too much.

This ones not the lag glitch, I fixed that with the last release. The thing causing issues is the friction calculation, looks like a bug in the fy calculation for vy > 0 is causing friction to be too high / stop too fast - pressing up behaves as expected, pressing down ends up stopping way too fast:

Ill look at fixing this when I’m back to my computer :slight_smile: (it’s not a regression from the last release, but we might be able to sneak in a fix soonish as there are at least a few things I’ll need to fix before we can update the offline app)

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nah the fish just see people at the top with fish food


They are going up because there crowded