STA Ecobeasts Trash Cleanup! Meowbit error 021

hmm… so the textsprite extension uses up a lot of memory due to writing in you words and turning them into pixel art. Then you change the sizes which take up even more memory. Am I right @richard? Confusing, but I think I get it

Hmm this could be tricky. Also the way outlines are computed is pretty expensive and I don’t think we can do that every frame.

With the current approach, we can probably save considerable memory by reusing the sprite’s current image if it is of the correct size already, and maybe oversizing and rounding the image a bit so that the size is less likely to change with minor updates.

So I guess that you shouldn’t use too many text sprites due to memory storage?

Are you sure the outline won’t work? I think it’s worth a shot

I took out the outline and then it worked…

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