Arcade for Storytelling

We continue to use the Arcade system to teach kids more about storytelling with their robotics. This is not so much about game playing. We wonder how much processing power Meowbit has for running a bot car with 4 motors and TFT screen display also. We believe that we have found Meowbit to fail when playing an Arcade game with motor code also installed but Meowbit works with same code when plugged into the bot car; ie it only throws the 021 error when gaming not when controlling even with the same program. (PyGamer did not break down when gaming but of course, can’t run the Yahboom bot car) Anyway, here’s the video with police car enlarged using “sprite transforms” tool and Robotbit extension. “Animation” of sprites may break the system; we don’t know that as yet…

021 is the dreaded out of memory ( You’ll need to optimize your program to lower the memory consumption. Could you share it?

Cool video!

This one , Peli, : From this video yesterday at the library: