I need help making stamina(with status bars)that is connected to running. When I tried, you can clip through walls by running. Please help.

i can help

and whats clipping through walls

all i know is the stamina part

I Have two Things:

  • Is Ghost Through Walls on?
  • And Is there a wall there
    if not take a screenshot of The Run And Wall Code and post it. I’ll see the problem

could i see your code??

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Here I made a simple showcase using blocks. Your walking speed is 75, but holding B will increase it to 150 (you can change those values however you like). When you run the stamina bar will decrease until it reaches 0. You will not be able to sprint again until the bar recharges to 20 (that is the limit variable, you can also tweak it’s value but i recommend not removing it as it improves gameplay). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Sorry everybody, I haven’t check the forums in a long time (school)
Its actually in a 3D game thought, but thank you.

used a stamina system like this in a previous game

should also work in 3d