Stereo / two channel audio

Are there any plans for MakeCode to support devices which have stereo outputs? The Adafruit PyGamer has a 3.5mm stereo audio output and MakeCode Arcade games seem rather unnatural if you are using headphones as it’s one ear only.

Minimal stereo support would be an excellent start, i.e. duplication of left channel to the right one if it exists.


PRs are welcome!

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To be more precise: I tried and failed the problem being that left or right channel would trigger DMA randomly. I think this requires mastering the byzantine eventing system of SAMD which seems beyond my modest capacities.

Maybe Adafruit folks would want to do a PR against

There’s a stereo branch but it’s a bit stale.

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I raised this because of the headphone experience on PyGamer is so weird. That’s a nice feature for discreet gaming.

Their SAMD51 DMA expertise is increasing at the moment, there’s a lot of bugs and issues which are looking like they are in the DMA space: