MakeCode Arcade demoscene?

Just happened to stumble across a couple of players within the Norwegian demoscene who told me that there are actually active demo development and serious competition entries for fantasy consoles like the TIC-80, Pico-8 etc.(See e.g. Demozoo among many other demo archives)

Having seen what the limited MakeCode Arcade is capable of when pushing the limits, like e.g. @kwx et. al. has done with 3D-graphics and sound, I thought this was a fun coincidence and I have started to wonder if there could be some potential also for MakeCode Arcade for making enjoyable audiovisual demo productions?

…and maybe some fun demo parties hosted by Microsoft’s @makecode team? :wink:

Anyone here who has a view on the subject, or who maybe already have made some demos in MakeCode Arcade that they want to show off here?

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