MakeCode Arcade demoscene?

Just happened to stumble across a couple of players within the Norwegian demoscene who told me that there are actually active demo development and serious competition entries for fantasy consoles like the TIC-80, Pico-8 etc.(See e.g. Demozoo among many other demo archives)

Having seen what the limited MakeCode Arcade is capable of when pushing the limits, like e.g. @kwx et. al. has done with 3D-graphics and sound, I thought this was a fun coincidence and I have started to wonder if there could be some potential also for MakeCode Arcade for making enjoyable audiovisual demo productions?

…and maybe some fun demo parties hosted by Microsoft’s @makecode team? :wink:

Anyone here who has a view on the subject, or who maybe already have made some demos in MakeCode Arcade that they want to show off here?


Now also continuous development of advanced screen effects, which surely would contribute to some cool MakeCode Arcade computer demos in the (near?) future!:

64kB is a cool category…:

…though something like this would probably be a more realistic result in the MakeCode Arcade simulator:

The makeshift example would be easily possible in hardware form. Although the framerate can be pretty low, like 5 fps, effects like that are already available in my screen-fx extension. If you have the correct sprite/image makeshift uses and do some horizontal and vertical scrolling and screen-squishing + some zooming in and out (didn’t bother to add those in) you can achieve this.

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