Stickplatformer DEMO (help...... I can't do this alone.)

this is Stickplatformer
I need help to finish this. It has 2 new abilities
i really need help making this a full game


What can I do to help?

I’d like to help, but one question, how did you get your animations to work using that extension?
When I use it, it starts “jittering” and keeps switching between the idle and moving animations.

wellllllllllll, ideas! (And coding)

Alright! I’ll start with powerup ideas.

Bomb Powerup: This could allow the stickman to throw bombs that would stick to walls and defeat enemies. The “sticking to walls” part could be implemented using a “is mySprite hitting wall bottom” block and changing the bomb’s velocity.

Bat Suit: This powerup would ludicrously buff the glide ability you already have, by allowing you to LITERALY fly. This could be possible using the “move mySprite with buttons” block and increasing the velocity Y.

I’l probably make a program showing you these abilities later.

Here’s a test for the Bat Suit powerup, if you wanted it. It’s a little glitchy, but it works. :slightly_smiling_face: