Stickplatformer DEMO

This is a demo for my new game Stickplatformer!
Please let me know if there are any recommendations for the game

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  2. I made a platformer about a Stickman before .
  3. This could be a good game but you can Jump Infinitely.

Yea i animated it myself (Literally by accident) and I don’t really know how to make a limited number of jumps.

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Also it would be nice if you could help me with this collaboration, I have.

I would really appreciate the help.

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Fixed the infinity jump glitch and also added fire at the bottom of the map that kills you.

I have A Platformer Basics Tutorial That could help.

If I have time Sure! (I’m sorta caught up in @Unique 's Unique-a-thon so :sweat_smile: )

This is pretty good! Do you mind if I Change the name back to StickPlatformer?
Also, can I join “Unique-a-thon.” and how?

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  1. Sure! it is your game after all!
  2. It already started. I don’t think you can join. sry
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Also thanks for the help! Didn’t really realize how that worked.