Stupid error

Hi, i am making a game and needs some help with a stupid error. The error only occurs when i try to convert to blocks.

Line 1: Cannot read properties of undefined(reading ‘length’)

The thing is, that the first line is:

namespace SpriteKind {

So there sholdn’t really be anytthing wrong with the first line, and when i go in debug mode. There is no error, it only happens when i try converting to blocks. The error persist when i try copying the code over to a seperate game.

@Samsano Would you mind sharing a link to your project so we can try to help debug?


OK @Samsano I see your problem. I have made the game to show the cursor and edited the game but here is the thing YOU CANNOT COPY SPRITE CODES TO OTHER PROGRAMS. I really sorry If your upset about that just duplicate the program and make a new one there. Here is the one That I modified


what i do to not have duplecate sprites in the game i name all the sprites in Hex code
for exemple
insted of naming a sprite “TempImg” i name it “ID54656D70496D67” or ID + 54 65 6D 70 49 6D 67 witch is hex for TempImg

What does this have to do with my question?

Ah hm, looks like there’s a ts->blocks decompiler bug this is hitting when returning just the top level variable directly in a pauseUntil; it’s annoying but until it’s fixed easiest work around is just to return !!variable; here’s a link as an example: