Suggestion: Persistent save data (with persistent game links)

With the introduction of persistent links (quite a while back, actually) I’ve wondered if saving a setting in one game version, then updating it and republishing it with the Update existing share link for this project option checked would make the setting’s value remain.

Unfortuantely, this is not the case. It works in the editor, but trying it in the actual game by accessing the link doesn’t. The reason this feature would be VERY useful, would be gaining the ability to update the game (whether it’s adding new features or just bug fixes) while letting the player keep their progress between versions. If you want to erase the data, you can just simply tick the update to disable it and drop a new link for the new version. Would it be possible to implement this @richard?


Hmmm… That’s an interesting idea, but it worries me a bit. For example, what if someone makes a game that stores a value and then releases a new version that makes that previous value invalid and crashes the game; the person playing the game could accidentally be locked out of that game permanently.

Of course, it’s definitely possible to cause a similar bug with the current implementation… I just think that people would have a harder time anticipating such bugs if we changed the behavior. I agree though that it’s nice for the experienced dev.


Perhaps an option to enable it for advanced devs? And of course a killswitch for the user that allows them to clear all saved settings for a specific game in the sim (since this is easy to do on real hardware already)
Just a suggestion on how to approach it, idrk how you’d specifically go about it in the best way.

Just wanted to bring attention to it, so think about it since it’s a cool feature I think many people would really appreciate

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